Casestudy on industrial psychology

They are distinguished by the kind of research design used to gather information and the methods used to assess the research, and this is reflected in the way the research report gets written. In quantitative studies, the research question is tested by using methods that will produce numerical results.

Casestudy on industrial psychology

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Open access academic research from top universities on the subject of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Industrial and organizational psychology (I/O psychology), which is also known as occupational psychology, organizational psychology, and work and organizational psychology, is an applied discipline within psychology. MSWPG – Social Work with Children, Young People and Families MSWPG Assessment 3 Marking Guide - Assessment Task 3 – Case Study Analysis: Legislation, policy and multidisciplinary approaches to integrated practice.

Posted in Case Study Help Psychology Case Study Format and Rules When used in psychology this type of work is the use of a descriptive research approach to obtain a detailed analysis of a person or group. In most cases, the focus will be on an individual, although sometimes it is necessary to include multiple cases.

Some of the techniques for gathering information will include interviews, personal observations, official records such as school records and legal records and psychometric tests.

The format for this kind of work in psychology may vary somewhat but will have the same basic structure outlined here: Profile and history of the subject. Basic information like age, sex, and race as well as such things as family dynamic, academic history, criminal record etc.

Determine and describe the psychological issue to be addressed. Methods used to treat the subject and possible results. The purpose of this type of psychology research is to bring together all the necessary information to perform an accurate diagnosis of a subject. Undergraduates may use a fictional character for a more theoretical approach while those in graduate studies may work with live subjects under supervision.

There are often examples of such works for students are assigned to read in order to help them develop their own case studies.Answer to Case Study 1 (Industrial/Organizational Psychology). Jan 28,  · Gender identity disorder is not the same as homosexuality.

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It is a disorder that occurs when an individual strongly believes that he or she was born with the body of the wrong sex. People suffering from gender identity disorder are prone to serious symptoms ranging from emotional distress, depression, isolation, and in worst cases, become suicidal.

A free example case study on industrial relations in India will be a useful source of data and a lesson of proper way of analysis, because will explain the problem . Case Study on Industrial Psychology. Uploaded by Abul Hasnat. Two Cases on Emotions and Motivation of the employees.



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Casestudy on industrial psychology

Share. Print. Related titles. Scope of Industrial Psychology. Natural 5/5(7). Writing in Psychology. Devising Research Questions; The Research Project. In the Social and Behavioral Sciences, there are two main kinds of research reports: the quantitative report and the qualitative report.

They are distinguished by the kind of research design used to gather information and the methods used to assess the research, and. The answer is that instead of working versus surfing.

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