Cyber scams four top cyber criminals

The problem is that small businesses often lack the necessary resources and security policies to defend against the cyber attacks. That makes small businesses an ideal target for hackers. Every entrepreneur wants to find the best methods to protect your business.

Cyber scams four top cyber criminals

Enforce strict password policies

Today we will go a bit more in detail and see the types of Cybercrime. At the minimum, you need an antivirus and a firewall. You also need to stay and steer clear of different types of cybercriminals trying to make money at your cost. Let us have a look at the common types of cybercrime and how to deal with them.

The list of course, is not exhaustive — it is only indicative! Identity theft Identity theft and fraud is one of the most common types of cybercrime. The term Identity Theft is used, when a person purports to be some other person, with a view to creating a fraud for financial gains.

When this is done online on the Internet, its is called Online Identity Theft. The most common source to steal identity information of others, are data breaches affecting government or federal websites.

Go here to learn how you can prevent Online Identity Thefts and protect yourself Ransomware This is one of the detestable malware-based attacks. Attacked users are then asked to pay huge ransoms to receive this private key.

This post will lay down some ground rules that can help you prevent ransomware. Large networks of infected computers, called Botnets are developed by planting malware on the victim computers. The idea is normally to draw attention to the DDOS attack, and allow the hacker to hack into a system.

Extortion and blackmail could be the other motivations. Botnets Botnets are networks of compromised computers, controlled by remote attackers in order to perform such illicit tasks as sending spam or attacking other computers.

Computer Bots can also be used act like malware and carry out malicious tasks. Then can be used to assemble a network of computers and then compromise them. Spam and Phishing Spamming and phishing are two very common forms of cybercrimes.

There is not much you can do to control them. Spam is basically unwanted emails and messages. Phishing is a method where cyber criminals offer a bait so that you take it and give out the information they want.

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The bait can be in form of a business proposal, announcement of a lottery to which you never subscribed, and anything that promises you money for nothing or a small favor. There are online loans companies too, making claims that you can get insecure loans irrespective of your location.

Doing business with such claims, you are sure to suffer both financially and mentally. Phishing has its variants too — notably among them are TabnabbingTabjacking. Such spamming and phishing attempts are mostly emails sent by random people whom you did not ever hear of.

You should stay away from any such offers especially when you feel that the offer is too good. In most cases, they are fake offers aiming to get your information and to get your money directly or indirectly.

Read our article to know what is Phishing and how to detect Phishing attempts.

Fraud News. Combating fraud is easy when you are fully aware of the types of scams out there and how to avoid them. To make sure you’re the first to know about new scams—or old ones with a new twist—be sure to sign up for Visa Fraud News Alerts. With scams seemingly lurking behind every corner of the Internet, this can be a challenging time for both brands and consumers. As summer draws near, these are the top online scams that consumers. Since the beginning of its establishment in Internet Crime Centre received more than 4 million victim complains (it hit 4 million milestone on October 12, ) about various internet frauds, scams and other cyber .

Social Engineering Social engineering is a method where the cyber criminals make a direct contact with you using emails or phones — mostly the latter. They try to gain your confidence and once they succeed at it, they get the information they need.

Cyber scams four top cyber criminals

This information can be about you, your money, your company where you work or anything that can be of interest to the cyber criminals.

It is easy to find out basic information about people from the Internet. Using this information as the base, the cyber criminals try to befriend you and once they succeed, they will disappear, leaving you prone to different financial injuries directly and indirectly.

They can sell the information obtained by you or use it to secure things like loans in your name. The latter case is of Identity theft. You should be very careful when dealing with strangers — both on phone and on the Internet. See our article on Social Engineering Techniques to know how to deal with it.Top 11 tips for cyber security.

Cyber security attacks are becoming more and more common over time, so it’s important to know what . In February, online protection firm iovation identified the top continents for online fraud during Those statistics are based on billions of transactions that were analyzed for geographic trends, and they reveal that credit card fraud, identity theft, and account takeover or hijacking attempts were the leading cyber crime schemes in Kenya Cyber Security Report [6 Achieving Cyber Security Resilience Enhancing Visibility and Increasing Awareness About the Report The Kenya Cyber Security Report was researched, analysed, compiled and published by the Serianu Cyber Threat.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation report reveals that Business email compromise scams caused losses to businesses for 5 billion dollars over four years. cyber criminals have earned $5,,, from 40, cases involving US and international businesses.

Top Online Scams Used by Cyber Criminals to Trick You

The threats at the top of the list reported by consumers include phishing, ransomware and whaling, as well as tech support fraud, non-payment scams and extortion. Whaling, which is when criminals pretend to be a senior executive and request wire transfers or the .

Cyber harrassment the situation might get worse this year (). mycert %.Cyber Crimes In Malaysia And USA: What Should We Do In Malaysia11 The growing list of cybercrimes includes crimes that have been made possible by computers.

while the rest to malicious code and intrusions like malware infections.

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