Gender gap essay

This will enable staff, prospective staff and everyone else to pore over what has, to date, been sensitive, well-guarded payroll data. Ms Rose was nervous initially because the figure did not paint the full, nuanced picture of the reasons behind the gap.

Gender gap essay

Site Search Gender Pay Gap The issue of discrimination based on gender when determining the amount of salary or wages can earn has remained a thorn in the flesh in many economies.

In fact in some countries the women are regarded lesser beings and therefore seriously discriminated against when deciding how much they can earn.

Gender gap essay

The reason why women should really be discriminated against when they can equitably do their best in their areas of specialization is a question that remains unanswered among many nations. The position of men on this matter should not be that of standing aloof and watch while themselves they have at least a mother, a sister, wives or even a daughter.

Gender gap essay

How would one actually expect these groups of people to be rewarded for their own efforts? And of course if it is a matter of lower pay for women, what is the rationale for determining how low the pay is? The comparison is essentially based on what their male counterparts earn.

It is therefore an apparent situation.

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According to the one of the latest census report ofit is reported that the earning for the women who worked full time in throughout the year was actually a mere seventy-seven percent of what the male counterparts were earning during that time.

This gap can be attributed to the differences that were found to exist between the number of working hours for the men and the women.

The choices for the occupation are also seen to be a probable factor that may lead to such discrepancies. Actually, men over the past years have been associated with careers that attract higher pays compared to those chosen by their female counterparts.

For example, in the ancient days, occupations such as engineering, medicine, architecture among other technical careers were seen as areas where women could not fit.

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However, the mind-set or gender stereotype has been challenged over the years through programs that advocate for the empowerment of the women all over world, in other words the affirmative action.

It has however been reported that even after women have come out strong enough to face-up with their male counterparts in these lucrative arenas, the situation still remains almost the same.

For example the female physicians are reported to be earning less than what the males earn Blow, Not unless the attitude towards the women is changed, the women may still lag behind in their levels of earning compared to the men causing serious gender gap.Published: Wed, 31 Dec Income gender gap can be reviewed at both the individual and institutional level.

It refers to the prejudicial beliefs and discriminatory of individuals, and the policies that restrict the opportunities of minorities respectively.

Contending that gender bias contributes to a significant “pay gap,” reformists support proposed federal legislation aimed at bringing women’s wages more closely in line with those of men. We will write a custom essay sample on. Apr 16,  · There are many reasons that men and women on average earn different amounts.

It’s a mistake to assume that “wage gap” statistics reflect on-the-job discrimination.

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The Gender Wage Gap Essay Words | 6 Pages The Gender Wage Gap In the 21st Century the number of women enrolling in higher education institutions is surpassing the numbers of men enrolled.

By Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality. It isn’t a reality yet. Today, women make up half of the U.S.

workforce, but the average working woman earns only 77 percent of what the average working man makes. In this sixth Gender Review, a series that began in , the Global Education Monitoring Report team maintains the focus on a broad conception of gender equality that extends beyond counting boys and girls in classrooms.

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