Geography research nike

Start with the long term chart! It means that the chart is the first data point to review. Only if it looks attractive is it acceptable to continue investigating a market, stock, commodity, cryptocurrency. It is also the first step to forecasting any stock, for instance forecasting the stock price of Nike for and beyond.

Geography research nike

Introduce the lesson by showing the Nike Promo video above. Discuss the global image that Nike is portraying of their business. Think about the images, people and music.

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Make light of the fact that Nike are quite a young company but have developed very quickly in terms of NIDL. Task 2 - Students complete activities from P.

This has been done really well and raises a number of important questions. Each card represents a job type in the discussion. Task 5 - Make it clear that the sweatshop workers could be swayed either way. They could group together to protest about the conditions experienced in these factories or they could be won over by the Nike corporation who could use them to highlight how they are paid more than local industry workers, betters terms and conditions etc etc.

Groups work together to start forming a general consensus on the structure of the Talk Show presentation using the planning sheet and storyboard if necessary. Homework - Watch the YouTube documentary above - Living with Globalization - Fashion 20 mins Lesson 2 Groups use the resource booklet and the PowerPoint presentation to start putting their arguements together.

Towards the end of the lesson, each group must make an appeal to the Factory Workers to come and join them. When this has been done, the factory workers must go to the team that they want to not just because their mates are there! Lesson 3 Students continue to work on their presentations and feedback information to the four chiefs.

At no point should the two groups collaborate with each other. Lesson 4 - The presentation of ideas. This needs to be managed carefully to avoid all hell breaking loose. The teacher should act as the talk show host and should use a pre-prepared markscheme to score effective arguements and particularly good retorts and questionning.

Markscheme will be added here shortly. Exam Style Homework - The solution. All content copyright geographypods unless otherwise stated.


Photo used under Creative Commons from paloma.Disadvantages for LEDCs due to Nike (e.g Vietnam) Undermines national culture (westernisation), MNCs may have political influence and are unelected, can withdraw at any time, environmental concerns 7 of 9.

Oct 29,  · Back to Geography; Nike global interconnections - Geography bibliographies - in Harvard style. Change style powered by CSL.

Objective: To research the issues surrounding the NIDL focussing on Nike and its global operations. Outcome: Mini documentary examining the views of different stakeholders in this global operation. Slideshow outlining pro's and con's of Nike's international activities. Study 67 Chapter 12 flashcards from Jasmine B. on StudyBlue. High-technology corridors have sprung up in the global economic core. The resulting collection of high-tech industries has been called a tehcnopole with the best known being California’s “Silicon Valley.” A similar concentration has appeared around the city of _____ in the eastern United States. Nike Kristanti studies Patology, Geography, and International Relations.

Popular AMA APA (6th edition) These are the sources and citations used to research Nike global interconnections. British museum china geography essay to build If i get super powers essay justice denied is justice delayed essay writer human services research paper importance of medicine essay essay for dumies essay writing arundhati roy the god of small things essays on education anfertigung der dissertation english hilfen nike of.

Research and Markets: Footwear Market - Global Scenario, Trends, Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast - - Featuring Nike, Adidas and The Timberland Company.

Geography research nike

The research report states that the opportunity in the global athletic footwear market is likely to be worth US$ bn by the end of During the forecast years of and , the global athletic footwear market is expected to surge at a CAGR of %.Location: State Tower, 90 State Street, Suite , Albany, Nike One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, OR Research Professor, MacArthur Foundation Chair Global Studies, Sociology Assistant Professor of Geography University of Amsterdam Robert Arnove Chancellor's Professor Emeritus School of Education Indiana University Steven Ashby.

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