Happiness a choice made by pursuing holiness

Men are not born with holiness in their hearts, as they are born with tongues in their mouths: Stewart Holy has the same root as wholly, it means complete. A man is not complete in spiritual stature if all his mind, heart, soul, and strength are not given to God.

Happiness a choice made by pursuing holiness

I saw Christians pursue what they thought would make them happy, falling headlong into sexual immorality, alcoholism, materialism, and obsession with success.

I was attempting to oppose our human tendency to put preferences and convenience before obedience to Christ. There were several flaws in my thinking, including inconsistency with my own experience.


Furthermore, calling people to reject happiness in favor of holiness was ineffective. It might work for a while but not in the long run.

Tony Reinke gets it right: Holiness is joy postponed and pursued. But Scripture says otherwise. This remarkable response flows from the utter holiness of submission combined with the utter happiness of praise.

God is decidedly and unapologetically anti-sin, but in no sense anti-happiness. What makes us better makes us happier. In Western nations, popular opinion holds that high moral standards are foolish, demeaning, and narrow-minded human constructs—impossible to maintain and contrary to happiness.

This lie has been remarkably effective. If we believe the lie that saying no to sin means saying no to happiness, then no amount of self-restraint will keep us from ultimately seeking happiness in sin. Cultivate capacities for pleasure in Christ.

You were created to treasure Christ with all your heart—more than you treasure sex or sugar or sports or shopping. If you have little taste for Jesus, competing pleasures will triumph. The death of sin is the life of joy. Too often our message to the world becomes a false gospel that lays upon people an impossible burden: It bears more resemblance to the legalistic worldview of the Pharisees Jesus condemned see Matthew Offer people a choice between being hungry and thirsty or having food and drink, and their choice is obvious.

Never mind that the meal may be laced with cyanide or the drink injected with arsenic. Any offer of happiness, with or without holiness, will always win over an offer of holiness devoid of happiness. When one meets the real thing. Two strands wrap around each other, forming an axis of symmetry and providing a perfect complement for each other.

God has made holiness and happiness to enjoy a similar relationship: For those of us who are Christ-centered believers, our lives should overflow with both. Neither alone will suffice; both together are essential for the truly Christ-centered life.

Learn more in Randy's book Happiness. Randy Alcorn randyalcorn is the author of over fifty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries.Mar 16,  · How to Pursue Happiness.

Nowadays, life has become a complicated affair. We deal with too much issues like stress, war, hunger, calamities, financial crisis, and all other that created a life of commotion. Life has become more of a liability instead of an asset, with too much to do, with too little time.

Too many demands but too few resources%(14). People avoid holiness to pursue happiness not knowing that the two are one. So there’s the key. The battle for this true holy-happiness is a daily spiritual battle for the faith to choose the right happiness.

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We all sin. But when we fall down, we must get up again and keep pursuing holiness.

Happiness a choice made by pursuing holiness

Here’s 5 Ways to Pursue Holiness in a World that Minimizes Sin 1.) Take our sin seriously and call sin – sin. 2.) Confess our sin to God and to others. 3.) Strive to do what is right in God’s eyes and obey His word. 4.) Say “no” to ungodliness and worldly passions. 5.) Pursue holiness over happiness.

Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord. — Hebrews We often see surveys that ask people if they are happy, satisfied with their work, or enjoying life.

God has made holiness and happiness to enjoy a similar relationship: each benefits from the other. For those of us who are Christ-centered believers, our lives should overflow with both. The Pursuit of Holiness is one of those modern stalwarts read by many evangelicals the past quarter century or so since it's publication.

Happiness a choice made by pursuing holiness

The book is a short, but very thorough, book that deals with the subject (obviously, given the title) of holiness/5.

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