The religion that maintains social order essay

Assess the view that Religion inhibits social change Religion can be seen in two different ways by society. Some theories such as Functionalism and Marxism see it as a force for conservative change, however, Feminism address it as a force for social change.

The religion that maintains social order essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The View that is Religion a Conservative Force on Society Essay Sample Introduction Sociologist scholars have not come up with a true definition of religion they believe that religion is just but a belief in supernatural.

There is a great debate between the scholars concerning the role that religion plays in the society. Some Scholars have claimed that religion acts as a conservative force, while others argue that religion plays a major role in transforming the society. A conservative force refers to a type of force that hinders any change from taking place within the society hence maintaining the status of quo.

Religion can be described as a conservative force because religion impedes the social change and it is used to maintain the current existing order of the society while maintaining the status of quo. Some Great sociologist scholars like Marx and Durkheim conquers with these facts, however some scholars such as Weber totally disagree with this concept.

The scholars who perceive religions to be a conservative force have idea that religious worshipping is just like worshipping the society.

This paper is going to establish why some scholars are of the view that religion is a conservative force on the society. Religion as a Conservative Force on Society The view of religion as a conservative force originated from the structuralism theories of Marxism and Functionalism.

These two theories view religion as facilitating existence of society as it is now its current form ; to some extend the views of these two theories differs substantially. According to Emile Durkheim religion function in the same way as vital organs in human body.

Given that it keeps the society alive, that is religion has several aspects that maintains social stability and harmony in the society. Functionalist believes that through worshipping and carrying out religious practices together as a group religion binds and unites all the people, Religion act as glue that is promoting Social solidarity, consensus and values in the society.

The functionalist scholars have the perception that religion is a conservative force because it helps in integrating individuals and allowing them to notice the collective conscience set of moral values and codes. There are many examples that show that religion is a conservative force, hence making these views more reliable.

A good example is the stance of that successive popes have taken against contraception has limited the number of Catholics who are using contraceptives. In this example religion has created a perception that people should not embrace the use of artificial contraception Kirby M pp 21 Religion is also a conservative force because it prevents revolutionary change.

According to Marx religion dampens the working class revolution flame. Marx points out that religion is a conservative force because it functions to socially to control its subordinates, by imparting in them the ideological message that the social order of poverty and wealth is according to the plan of the almighty God hence it cannot be changed.

There are some religious ideologies particularly the ones that are associated with evangelical Protestants and with the some cults that prevents their members from seeing lack of suffering, poverty and power as sign of being saved.

Hence these religion discourage people from changing transforming themselves from this situation, hence Marx said that religion is the opium for the poor. Given that religion dulls the senses of the poor in regard to their exploitation with the rich in the society.

The View that is Religion a Conservative Force on Society | Essay Example

The imaginary flowers of religion cover our chains, making religion to be a conservative force in the society. There is more evidence that were given by Marx just to try and show that religion is a conservative force. Examples of Marx evidence of religion functioning as a Conservation force is: Religion according to Marx Religion is also a conservative force because it tries to justify the unequal distribution of resources, while discouraging the poor from changing.

Religion has widely been used by the rich to maintain their status and to explain the inequalities that exist in the society. Religion which is the opium for the poor, will helps the poor to forget the depression and stress that they are facing knowing that they have a better life and richness waiting them in heaven Jones et al p 15 Religion conserves the existing social stability — religion conserves the existing social values, however religion does not stop social change from taking place.

Religion conserves the existing values of the society through exercising a regulating role, affirming the value that exist and trying to forge a common behavior in the society. According to Durkheim whenever Religion fails to be a conservative force in maintaining the social stability uneasiness and confusion is likely to occur.

Religion mainly maintains conserves the social stability in the following ways. In societies that are hierarchical religion promotes the status of quo, religion promotes emotional support to the core values of the society and lastly it socializes people by making them to adhere to certain values.

A good example of these is Hindu, where they had segregated themselves according to their financial status Hall p Religion has many functions functionalist believe that religion maintains social solidity, social stability and a value consensus and is therefore supports religion being a concretive force.

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Durkheim argued that religion serves two cognitive functions, firstly, religion helps maintain social solidarity where societies members can unite over common beliefs and values. The second function religion fulfills is the creation of ‘collective consciousness’ this is the idea that religion acts as a ‘glue’ that maintains social.

As a Functionalist, religion maintains social stability by removing tension that can disrupt social order. [tags: Papers] Good Essays words ( pages) Perspectives of Sociology Essay - 1.

Compare and Contrast the three perspectives in Sociology. Functionalism- A theoretical perspective, associated with Emile Durkheim, based on an. Based on this and many of the definition on religion, I agree with Ross that religion is a more effective social control mechanism that enacted laws for society.

What is social control one may ask? Social control in its broader sense is the system of maintaining law and order in society and ensuring that members of society conform to the accepted ways of behavior. Social Control: Religion; Taiji: kujira to tomo ni ikiru machi; Religion establishes and maintains social control in a number of ways.

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From the earliest civilizations, man has used religion to aid in ruling his subjects, either in the form as a spokesman or as a god. Marx felt that in order for proletariat to oppose the bourgeoisie and.

The religion that maintains social order essay

The social responsibility aspect of religion is what creates the foundation of laws and social structure for a society to evolve over time.

The morality gives a path for guidance to accept friendship, love family and respect the rights of others in order to co-exist in this world today.

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