Thelma and louise gender roles

There affair is driven by a desire to put excitement and adventure into a life that feeling boring. Boredom is likely caused by a number of things; work is tedious, the daily routine tiresome, and the spouse and, well, life, itself is too predictable.

Thelma and louise gender roles

Defying Expectations The Academy Award winning film, Thelma and Louise, closely follows the friendship of two women as they experience the highs and lows of an adventure they were forced into taking. The film begins with the two friends leaving for an innocently planned weekend road trip in order to get away from their home life, but the trip soon goes south when Louise shoots a man who had assaulted and attempted to rape Thelma.

Immediately they flee the scene, as Louise knows the police will not believe their story, and their wild adventure of running away from the law begins. During their escapades, the two women are able to break free from the life they were unhappy in and gain independence as a unit.

The portrayal of women in this film is very important as it shows the obstacles in which Thelma and Louise are forced to overcome. Considering their previous lifestyle and how women are treated, their defiance of male expectations for women is very noteworthy. As the film begins, it becomes clear that each woman embodies a certain female stereotype.

Thelma represents the traditional female in which she fulfills the role of a homemaker and is overly dependent on her husband. Her status as a human being falls below her husband and he often subjects her to belittlement and criticism. On the flip side, Louise represents the more modern female in which she is self-proficient and capable of being assertive and independent.

Distinctly more experienced than Thelma, Louise has learned to be cautious towards life and initially takes upon the leadership role.

Thelma and louise gender roles

Though the two friends are characteristically opposite, as women they are equally under-treated by men. Whether it be physical, sexual, or verbal abuse, the abuse of women is a very common theme throughout this film.

Women are expected to acknowledge that inappropriate and unfair treatment towards their gender is considered normal and subjectively there is nothing they can do about it.

However, as the film progresses and there is an evident shift in the characteristics of the two women which result in their unification, Thelma and Louise, who are often underestimated, respond to these violent episodes powerfully.

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As soon as Thelma and Louise are left empty handed after J. From that point on, Thelma and Louise act together as equals and together they continuously defy the expectations men assume of them. Similarly while on the road, Thelma and Louise are relentlessly sexually harassed by a truck driver who decorated the flaps of his tires with the image of a playboy naked woman.

The literal symbolization of this naked woman, is that the truck driver views women as sex symbols. Metaphorically, the location of this image is placed underneath the truck and below the truck driver where it is dragged through mud and harsh conditions symbolizing the terrible treatment of women in which they are objectified as well as the idea that men are the superior gender.

Though the film ends in the tragic assumed death of Thelma and Louise, the two women are finally free from the law and their unhappy life as they both agree that they are incapable of returning to a life of domesticity and domineering men.Thelma & Louise exemplifies American feminist film theory’s attention to critique of patriarchy, positive images of women, the role of women in production, and issues of gender and genre.

Nov 14,  · The gender imbalance remains when the focus is narrowed to to leading roles. If anything, it has gotten worse for women. In the silent film era, men claimed 55 percent of leading roles.


Tuesday, November 13, "Rebecca Melsky and her partner Eva St. Clair began Princess Awesome in with the simple idea that girls shouldn’t have to . Susan Sarandon, Actress: Thelma & Louise. Susan Sarandon was born Susan Abigail Tomalin in New York City, NY, to Lenora Marie (Criscione), no profession, and Phillip Leslie Tomalin, an advertising executive.

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This book gives an excellent overview of the way women are treated in new media. Though this book focuses mainly on TV and movies, and is a slight bit dated (in the world of new media, 12 years is a long time), the theories that Inness applies to the topics of toughness and feminism are enduring and highly applicable for further works.

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